R200 Program Pack

Watch Out is an Nonprofit Organisation – 115-512 NPO


Option 1 – Kalahari.com Program Pack

NOW Only R199.95 per pack!!



 Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm DVD – This entertaining DVD teaches the Parent and Child the  6 Watch Out Values. Each time it is watched, the Values grow stronger in your belief system. Running  time: 110 minutes.


Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm Ceremony Poster – This A2 Poster helps you to easily memorise the 6 Values through repetition. Place it where you can see it every day.

 Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm Parent  and Child Handbook – This Handbook is a tool  to talk through the Values and the behavioural issues as a household, agreeing on how you will implement them, page by page.


Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm Watch - This Watch Out Watch is a Symbol of commitment to a lifestyle of Values and to say no to bad behaviour. Become a Watch Out Member when you know all 6 Values with their definitions from memory.


Strong Values Protect Learners

NO MORE Bullies, Naked pictures, Drugs

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Includes: Parent & Child Handbook, A2 Ceremony Poster, DVD & Member Watch. Delivery to Post Office.