The symbol

An event to mark the commitment to be reminded


Watch Out uses SYMBOL to achieve the outcome of the activation of values and social pressure that will not allow bulling, drugs or sexual exploitation of children.


We expect an informed and internalised commitment from learners to practicing good behaviour. We want to challenge and motivate learner’s commitment to the point where they accept the responsibility associated with wearing the symbol, before they actually receive the symbol, a slap-on watch.

Membership (the event)

Humans and especially kids are social beings. Behaviour is accepted by the group or not, it is in the best interest of the individual to comply or risk rejection. Accepted behaviour gets rewarded and labelled as cool.

The symbol creates a positive and socially accepted peer pressure. Students who unite in the same value system and wear the Watch Out Symbol become true members of the Watch Out Movement.

On-going Reminder

Every day the learners wear the symbol, they are reminded of the message and the values the symbol represent. It also reminds you that you have chosen to abide by and practice the message and the values the symbol represent. The symbol needs to be dazzling and have perceived monetary value to motivate the learner to want to wear the symbol at least for 6 months and longer.


The same positive and socially accepted peer pressure creates an Accountability system. Learners become accountable to other learners, to the school and to their parents. By agreeing, participating and practicing good behaviour or habits, the learner starts to expect the same from his peers.  To Watch Out, say No and Make Alarm!

The learner needs to have ownership of his values and use the Watch Out symbol as a vehicle to advance our cause in his or her school, home and community. The Symbol is a tool to communicate our values.