The Watch Out DVD – Effective, multiple delivery of a powerful message

The Watch Out program uses DVD to achieve the outcome of educating Primary School learners about personal values that will guide them to productive and healthy lives.

Watch a 2 minuet VIDEO CLIP from the 110 minuet DVD.

 Cost Effective, Effective

The DVD does the hard work. The learners love the originality, creativity and the colorful characters.  The more the kids like the DVD, the more influence the characters has on the learners. We use this  energy to make the learners excited about values and to practice good habits.

The alternative is to use presenters teaching the lessons. Firstly, managing quality control on big scale  is very difficult, it is not nearly as entertaining as our DVD. Secondly, this option is very costly when  using trained presenters.


Multiple Message Delivery

With your help we give each child a DVD to take home. Learners watch the DVD multiple times and each time their conviction strengthens and they actually memorise the lessons and slogans. The message is exactly as we intended, each time.

Community Involvement

When all the learners in all the schools in a specific geographic area receive a Watch Out DVD, it is saturated. The community at large will be talking about it and in so doing it will reinforce our objectives. Many times the adults in the learner’s life also need the education on values.


Each learner is expected to make a decision to practice good behaviour based on the Values. Education is not enough, Watch Out Values Education holds to a standard where actual life change is expected and structured for. This includes the Watch Out Symbol, peer pressure and Watch Out Clubs.