R100 Program Pack

Watch Out is an Nonprofit Organisation – 115-512 NPO


Option 2 – School Program Pack

NOW Only R100 per child!!

Schools in Gauteng and in North West can invite us to come and speak for FREE to their learners when they purchase Posters for only R20 each and Teacher Manuals for only R20 each for each classroom. (R500 Petrol Support)

We also give a FREE workshop to TEACHERS on how to use the Posters and Manuals in each classroom for 8 weeks.


1. Your school needs to send a letter inform all parent’s about the project, the reduced price & payment and collection options
2. The DVD will be in a paper sleeve.
3. The Parent Handbook will be an A5 black and white print.
4. The pack will also include the A2 Ceremony poster and the WatchOut Watch.

Please motivate and coordinate Option 2 with other parents and teachers at your school and then contact us.

AFRIKAANS – Teen dieselfde voorwaardes is die DVD, Handleiding, Plakkaat en Horlosie ook beskikbaar in Afrikaans.

Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm DVD – This entertaining DVD teaches the Parent and Child the  6 Watch Out Values. Each time it is watched, the Values grow stronger in your belief system. Running  time: 110 minutes.

Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm  Ceremony Poster – This A2 Poster helps you  to easily memorise the 6 Values through  repetition. Place it where you can see it every day.

 Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm Parent  and Child Handbook – This Handbook is a tool  to talk through the Values and the behavioural issues as a household, agreeing on how you will implement them, page by page.

Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm Watch - This Watch Out Watch is a Symbol of commitment to a lifestyle of Values and to say no to bad behaviour. Become a Watch Out Member when you know all 6 Values with their definitions from memory.

Please contact us for any information you might need

Goodness Zulu – 079 490 4039
Gerhard de Koker – 083 293 0655