Watch Out aspires to be a leading change agent in Moral Regeneration in South Africa and to address the decay of morals, values and discipline among our communities. This decay is a major factor in the frightening and vigorous appearance of bulling, drugs and sexual abuse of and among small children.
To achieve a better tomorrow we must apply personal values to the age group who is still in formative and impressionable age, primary school.
What makes Watch Out extraordinary and exceptional is the following:
We address the four most prominent and consequential behavioral problems primary schools have, simultaneously. Most programs will address one or two of the issues, but not all four. They are Discipline, Bulling, Drugs and Sexual Abuse.
The fifth issue is that of Morals and Values, we address and solve the first four issues with teaching and applying personal Values. If I have LOVE, RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, ACCOUNTABILITY, DEPENDABILITY and LEADERSHIP, I will not harm you. 
Schools welcome programs that are effective, easy to implement into their schedule and capacity. It cannot take too much time from educational contact time. Watch Out is such a program due to the Watch out facilitation staff who does the training with the teachers and launch the program to the kids and returns many times over a two month period.
Watch Out has tools that help the school and the household to achieve the culture and life change we are striving for. Each child receives a Handbook, Poster, DVD and a Watch. These tools teach, motivate and activate Moral Regeneration at school and at home.
The Watch Out program is long lasting. Except for the two month intensive facilitation, the tools (Handbook, Poster, DVD and Watch) is still in the classroom for the next year. The tools are also at home for a long time where children and families use them over and over again.
Watch Out will effectively deliver the facilitation and the tools to an exact number of learners. This means that we can report on exactly how many school, teachers, children and households is part of the campaign. Each R60 you give will deliver one Watch Out Tool Pack.

We are proud to have a Compliance Certificate as measured against the BEE benefit matrix

and the 18(a) income tax Receipt Certificates from SARS

We are proud to be an integral part of the progress that is made in Nation Building and in Black Empowerment. Strong Values Protects Learners and it also Builds a Strong Nation!