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    WatchOut has an Sosio-Economic Development Certificate, providing peace of mind to Companies of our past projects and our resolve for the future.

    Download the Certificate PDF here: SED Certificate 20888_WatchOut Values Education

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    5 000 000 
    Households Impacted with the 
    Strong Values Protects Learners Project
  • Individuals who want to support WatchOut can PURCHASE a WATCHOUT PACK 

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    Strong Values Protect Learners – NO MORE Bullies, Naked pictures or Drugs!!

    It includes: Parent & Child Handbook, A2 Ceremony Poster, DVD & Member Watch. Delivery to Post Office.


  • Watch Out – Say No, Make Alarm DVD


    This entertaining DVD teaches the parent and child the six (6) Watch Out Values:


    Each time it is watched, the Values grow stronger in your belief system.

    (Running  time: 110 minutes)

  • WatchOut is an Nonprofit Organisation – 115-512 NPO

    We are proud to have a SED Certificate as measured against the BEE benefit matrix 

    and the Section 18(a) income tax Receipt Certificates from SARS

    Donors can fund complete or partial schools

    Your financial support will help us take this program to thousands of learners.


The organisation’s main objectives are to educate primary and high school learners about personal values that will guide them to productive and healthy lives.
The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to prevent the abuse of children through the activation of values and social pressure that will not allow bullying, drugs or sexual exploitation of children.
The organisation will do national networking with Government, Non-profit organisations, Non-government organisations and Faith based organisations in order to pool resources and maximise our organisational impact to achieve our objectives.
Bullying, drugs and sexual exploitation of children and other behavioural problems among children and youth are a symptom and not the root cause. Values are the root cause for these issues.